Having passed the critical period for our very hot area, influenced by the humid evening sea breezes, we arrive in the month of July. This is the month where we, finally interacting with our vines, have great confidence in starting to understand how our year will be. In the month of July, the vine has a moment of notable growth, usually in the first phase, then the heat arrives and the vine begins to slow down its vegetative growth. It begins to stretch out and begins to sense that it’s time to work for the cluster, it’s time to start working for the maturity of the grapes and the germinability of the grape seeds. So, the grape transforms, it grows, the cluster takes shape and it is clearly seen that the vines that have suffered a little bit are doing better. It is the moment in which we decide exactly the path to set, that is, the quantity of grapes that must be brought to maturity. This is a fundamental intervention on our part, truly anthropological, because we decide, with the confidence that we have with our vineyards, whether it is appropriate to remove some grapes to allow for a better balance between vegetation and production. In recent years, with the great summer heatwaves, we have hardly ever needed to intervene with the removal of clusters because all the previous work, all the tasks of increasing biodiversity, sowing grass, improving the microbiota, improving the rhizobiota have allowed our plants to find a just compromise to survive and live peacefully even during periods of great drought.

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