In the month of July in the cellar, we start to think about how to work our grapes, because while it’s true that we have a fraternal confidence with our vineyards, it’s also true that each year each vine deserves the attention it merits. Vines are very reliable but also very capricious, and they need great attention to understand what they are doing and what they need to do. Therefore, it’s about finding the right balance between what we want and what they are telling us.

The vine is a whimsical plant but if treated well, it is very docile and responds to care and attention. It’s the most beautiful moment when we love to walk among the vineyards, especially on the hottest days and especially during the hottest moments of the July days. It’s there that we can intuit the strength, vitality of our vines and how much we can expect from them, how much the aromatic complexity can develop, how much the acidic harmony can be affected, how much the polyphenolic component can be affected. These are moments of intimacy, of confidence with the plants, they are also very energizing moments for us who take care of them.

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