The month of July represents a crossroads for the vineyard owner, a period in which anticipation mixes with tension, and expectations with strenuous work. It is a period of increasing nervousness and latent anxiety, as it coincides with a very delicate moment in the plant’s growth cycle.
In this month, the clusters begin to emerge in all their beauty, offering a first estimate of what the harvest will be. We can finally begin to imagine the quantity of grapes that will be harvested, an anticipation that carries with it both the euphoria of anticipation and the uncertainty of the unknown. The vineyard owner begins to dream of the fruit of his hard work, but at the same time, he is aware of how many variables, still not under control, could influence the final outcome.
Alongside this forecast, however, a sense of apprehension begins to take hold. The potential for inclement weather represents an ever-looming threat, an unknown that could disrupt even the most optimistic predictions. The weather, in fact, has not yet stabilized and the atmosphere is permeated with a sense of unpredictability. The vineyard owner, therefore, lives in a constant state of alert, carefully monitoring weather conditions, ready to respond to any disturbances that could put the harvest at risk.
The month of July, therefore, marks a period of deep reflection and intense attention for the vineyard owner, a time when the joys and difficulties of his profession are manifested in all their complexity. The vineyard, during this period, is not just a workplace, but becomes the stage for a daily drama, where the outcome is suspended between the generosity of nature and the unpredictability of the weather.

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