Exploring Asia: Linda Paci’s Trip for Usiglian del Vescovo.

From the heart of Tuscany to the dynamic cities of Asia: Linda Paci, sales manager of our beloved Usiglian del Vescovo winery, organized an extraordinary tour in Asia from October 3 to 17, with stops in China, Hong Kong, and Vietnam.

Fuzhou, October 5 In Fuzhou, Fujian (China), Linda had the opportunity to lunch with the local importer, Mr. Glenn Xu, and later participated in a special evening with dinner and a tasting of all our wines, introducing the winery and detailing each wine. The presentation was masterfully translated into Chinese by Apritaly’s agent, Sherry.

Shenzhen, October 7-11 Linda represented our winery at the 107th edition of the CFDF (China Food and Drinks Fair & International Wine & Spirits Show). Thanks to the collaboration with our Chinese partner agency, Apritaly, and with the relentless support of Joanny, Apritaly’s agent, Linda connected with numerous potential clients and strengthen pre-existing relationships.

Hong Kong, October 12-13 At Schmidt Marketing, Linda conducted a training session for the staff and a tasting of our fine wines. The exceptions? La Mora del Roveto, Il Bruve, and the MilleEsettantotto. Nonetheless, the response was overwhelmingly positive!

Hanoi, October 14-16 Linda received a warm welcome in Hanoi, Vietnam, thanks to the presence of Thuy and Nam. A significant detail: our importer, Thuy, chose only Usiglian del Vescovo as the Italian representative in her import company and wine shop in the heart of Hanoi, introducing our wines to select restaurants with which she has a special relationship.

These two weeks were a real immersion in the various facets of the Asian wine world. Linda had the chance to experience unique situations, comparing food pairings, presentations, and marketing approaches, sometimes similar to ours, and at other times surprisingly different.

This trip enhanced Linda’s perception and understanding of some Asian traditions, strengthening existing professional relationships and broadening future prospects for Usiglian del Vescovo. One thing is certain: the passion and dedication for our wine and our history found a special resonance in the hearts of Asian customers.