When September arrives, the winery awakens, transforming into the nerve center of the entire wine operation. It becomes the place where the grapes, carefully nurtured and cared for over the previous 10 months, undergo the metamorphosis that will extract the utmost of their aromatic potential. The goal is to produce wines that fully embody the essence and personality of the territory of origin.

Within this vital space, attention is directed to preparing all the necessary equipment for the sorting tables, set to receive the harvested grapes. At Usiglian del Vescovo, the grape harvest is rigorously done by hand in order to preserve the integrity and quality of each cluster, and the harvested grapes are placed in small containers.

Once the grapes have been collected, the use of an elevator belt allows for an accurate selection, separating those clusters that do not meet the company’s stringent quality standards. This selective process ensures that only the highest quality grapes proceed to the subsequent stages of vinification.

During the winemaking process, some practices are adapted according to the peculiarities of the vintage. For instance, in particularly cool vintages, the extraction temperature is increased and the number and frequency of pumping overs are intensified. On the other hand, in warm vintages, the fermentation temperature is limited and the number and frequency of pumping overs are reduced, preferring more delicate practices like less agitation of the pomace.

Such choices are made at the time of harvest, based on the indications obtained through an accurate sensory analysis of the grapes. This analysis allows us to define the most appropriate vinification and extraction strategy, aiming to get the most out of the specific vintage.

September represents the most intense month of the year, with certainly a high dose of stress, but also with an unparalleled stimulating energy. This period indeed marks the concrete realization of a full year of work, transforming the fruit of months of dedication into a wine that reflects its land.


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