The wine production saw the bottling phase unfold over the month of July, a crucial moment to ensure the proper preservation of these precious nectars. However, in August, it becomes an indispensable ritual to taste those fine red wines that patiently await their moment, like the famous 1083 and the coveted Barbiglione. This is a unique experience, a sensory journey through the aromas and flavors that make these labels unique.

Usually, the tasting is scheduled after a careful check of the vines, which is carried out during the hottest hours of the day. This procedure is not just a routine check, but an act of care and attention towards the vine, looking for any signs of distress or disease.

The sharp thermal contrast experienced by moving from the heat of the vine fields to the coolness of the cellar, acts as a sensory catalyst. This sudden change in temperature enhances the perception of the senses, making the palate and the olfactory much more sensitive and reactive. A real stimulus that prepares to better perceive the taste and aromatic profiles of the wines.

The final touches to the preparation of the current vintage wine are then made, thanks to these refined perceptions. This operation reflects the relentless search for perfection, a commitment to creating a product that best expresses the characteristics of the terroir and the vintage. It’s a delicate dance between science and art, a process that requires passion, dedication, and an infinite amount of patience.

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