Wine tastings continue incessantly, stimulating lively conversations, as decisions regarding the future harvest are refined. Moreover, dedicated work is done on prestigious red wines, which are usually bottled in the summer, during the hottest periods. This practice reflects the tradition that characterizes our method of preserving bottles.

At this juncture, winemakers share their knowledge and experiences, enriching the decision-making process in view of the upcoming production phases. Important details are discussed, such as the optimal timing for the harvest, wine and food pairings, and which grape varieties to prioritize.

At the same time, organoleptic nuances are analyzed, evaluating the sensory characteristics of the wines, such as aroma, taste, color, and texture. This process allows identifying aspects to improve and distinctive features to maintain over time.

While talking and tasting, reflections are made on the history and wine traditions that have shaped our production philosophy. Thoughts also turn to the importance of maintaining a strong connection with roots and past techniques, without neglecting innovation and adaptation to new market needs.

Finally, commercial and promotional strategies are planned to enhance the red wines that will be bottled during the summer season, aiming to reach an ever-growing and passionate audience. With pride, work is done to carry on the wine legacy, aware of how essential it is to preserve and promote an age-old art.

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