The sale of wine involves the transfer of large volumes and large masses of bottles, and we are working to use the lightest possible bottles to minimize the pollution level we generate behind our sales and beyond… We are also taking care of compensating the CO2 we produce. We will start creating a type of collaboration where, for every action of CO2 production, we will plant trees in some parts of the world to offset the operations we cannot avoid for the very survival of the company, such as the sale of wine.

One of our main goals is also to create working and professional connections that take into account work ethics, production ethics, and wine tasting ethics.

Our new production system involves professional relationships with companies close to us, such as those dealing with the processing of medicinal plants that we grow. These companies help us in harvesting and processing plants, producing extracts that we then use to protect our plants, reducing the number of treatments to a minimum.

The use and enjoyment of Usiglian del Vescovo wines should be done in moderation and ethically because our wines fully give joy to those who drink them if they are consumed and assimilated consciously, not excessively but ethically.

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